Dual Charging Stand

The Dual Charging Stand charges a Wireless Telephone's Battery Pack as well as a spare high capacity, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack in approximately two hours. Features: Full battery charging is complete in approximately two hours Power supply (QPS100A) for the PTC400 must be ordered as separate part number

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Dual Charging Stand for Link 6020 Wireless Telephones

The Dual Charger charges the battery pack within a handset along with a separate spare Battery Pack. The Dual Chargers includes a USB connection to allow for software upgrades. There is a single LED for the rear slot chargers. The handset slot charges first followed by the Battery Pack slot. The handset will display charging [...]

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Battery Pack Quick Charger (NiMH/NiCd)

Stand-alone Battery charger equipped with a plug-in AC adapter charges both Standard and High Capacity Battery Packs in approximately one hour. Includes test and conditioning mode. The power supply (QPS100A) is ordered separately.

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