Siemens ROLMset 9208

The affordable, 2 line ROLMset 9208 makes everyone more productive. All of the basic features most light to medium phone users will ever need can be accessed right from the ROLMset 9208, including message waiting, intercom, repertory auto-dialing, conference and more. Key features include: One-way speaker for ease of on-hook dialing and monitoring Two lines [...]

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ROLMset 9224

Put the hard working, 4-line ROLMset 9224 to work in every busy office. The ROLMset 9224 gives every busy staff member the support of a virtual phone center, and at a very modest cost. From its two line display, which lets you see who's calling internally before you pick up the phone, to its programmable [...]

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ROLMset 9225

The 16-line phone that makes the most of every minute. If time is money, shouldn't your top performers be using the wealth of advanced, time-saving features that come standard on the ROLMset 9225? It comes with everything from a display that identifies internal calls to conference calling, executive override automatic intercom and high-fidelity wide-area speakerphone. [...]

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