Connect all your analog devices with the Analog Adapter. Now Optiset E digital users can connect all their analog devices for voice and data applications, providing analog functionality without the expense of analog ports. Plus, the Analog Adapter is assigned its own directory number for independent operation of a cordless or full-duplex speakerphone. Snaps into [...]

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The Optiset E Control Adapter

Supports baud rates up to 19,200 bps for CTI applications. The Control Adapter allows you to connect an Optiset E telephone to a computer for TAPI compliant CTI applications, such as ComManager. It includes capability for full control of phone dialing, answering, feature selection and display information, and has an additional connector for an Electret, [...]

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Transmit data at speeds up to 38.4 kbps with the Data Adapter. Snapping into the module bay of the Optiset E Basic, Advance and Advance Plus phones, the Data Adapter enhances the data-switching capabilities of the Hicom 300E, transmitting data to and from other industry standard data devices at speeds up to 38.4 kbps. And [...]

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Optiset E Headset Adapter

Save on headset costs for unamplified headsets. Designed to snap easily into the module bay under the Optiset E Advance and Advance Plus phones, the Headset Adapter supports low-cost unamplified headsets. Includes a second jack for supervisor monitoring in an ACD environment.

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Optiset E ISDN Adapter

The ISDN Adapter delivers high-speed video, data transmission and big savings to your desktop. An industry exclusive, the Optiset E is the only digital phone that can be upgraded to support an ISDN BRI device with the addition of an Easy-Add option module. Snap the adapter into the module bay of the Optiset E Basic, [...]

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Optiset E Phone Adapter

Support two phones on one port with a Phone Adapter. Save time, money and the hassle of installing a second line with a Siemens Phone Adapter. The Phone Adapter allows one port to support two Optiset E phones, each with its own extension, reducing the number of ports on your system. Use the Phone Adapter [...]

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