The Optiset E Advance Plus is a top-of-the-line Optiset E for busy executives and phone-intensive users.

The Advance has 2 Easy-Add option bays underneath making it a snap to add functionality such as an ISDN connection for desktop video or high speed Internet connection. Other Easy-Add options include the Headset and Headset Plus Adapter, the Analog Adapter, Keyboard Module, Privacy Module, Phone Adapter and the Data Adapter.

Also Available as an Optiset E Advance Conference with full-duplex speakerphone

Features Include:

  • 2 volume keys
  • 12 LEDs/keys
  • 12 line appearances
  • 3 OptiGuideTM context sensitive feature keys
  • 17 total keys
  • 2 Easy-Add option bays
  • 2 x 24 Display
  • Supports up to 4 Key Modules (16 LEDs each)
  • OptiPage
  • Hands-free dialing
  • OptiVoice 2 way speakerphone