ClearOne MAX EX

A single unit conference phone perfect for executive offices and small conference rooms. Expandable Flexible unit is ideal for any size conference room Expanded system links with three additional phones for larger rooms Additional phones allows an even distribution of microphones and loudspeakers Greater access to user controls such as volume and mute Easy to [...]

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ClearOne MAXAttach

MAXAttach comes with two phones, for greater coverage in larger conference rooms, and can also be expanded up to four linked phones using the MAX EX Expansion Kit. The MAXAttach features advanced audio technology typically found only in high-end installed audio systems, including Gentner

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Max Wireless

The Max Wireless conference phone offers the audio quality of MAX EX without power or telephone lines, turning any room into a conference room. The ClearOne Max Wireless is a wireless conferencing phone ideal for small conference rooms with up to eight participants. Max Wireless eliminates restrictions imposed by wires. The wireless design creates a [...]

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ClearOne MAXAttach Wireless

MAXAttach Wireless comes with two wireless phones that connect to a single base unit, providing expanded coverage in medium-sized rooms. Easy set up and operation

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Link additional MAX phones together for greater coverage in larger conference rooms. Additional details about this item are not available. If you need more information about this product before ordering, Contact Your Sales Representative.

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Power Supply for Max Wireless Conference Phone Additional details about this item are not available.

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