• 14 buttons for speed dials or other features
  • Data jack allows connection to modems, personal computers, fax machines, answering machines
  • Red Message Waiting indicator, Visual Ringing indicator, Ringer Volume Control, Hold button with red LED indicator
  • Gives access to system features like Call Waiting and Conferencing
  • Desk or wall mountable

System Requirements/Compatibility:

  • Any Lucent/Avaya Business Communications System such as DEFINITY, MERLIN LEGEND release 4.0 or higher, MERLIN MAGIX System or PARTNER
  • DEFINITY ECS and System 75 R1V2 or higher requirements: TN746B 16-port analog circuit card
  • MERLIN LEGEND Release 4.0 or higher requirements: 012 Basic Voice Terminal Module or 016 Basic Voice Terminal Module
  • MERLIN MAGIX system requirements: 016 Tip/Ring Module or 016 ETR Module (Last 6 ports Only)
  • All PARTNER systems requirements: any analog port